Novice Meet is on Friday (1/30), bus is scheduled to leave at 2:15. I know that originially school was supposed to be in session, but now it is a Regents testing day. Regents will be over by the time the bus is supposed to leave, if people are taking tests and running late because of that I will wait for them, if they tell me. For those of you not taking tests, make every effort to get there, I know getting to the school on weekday might be more difficult than a weekend if parents/guardians are working, but do your best and keep us updated.

Counties is on Sunday (2/1). You must have qualified for counties to attend, some people qualified, barely and may still be on novice list. If you are and take issue with this get in touch with me and we can work it out.*Update: You may only compete in an event you qualified for.*  Bus will leave at 6:15am, that means the meet should end in time for us to get back and watch the game Sunday (Believe me, I want to watch it too!)

Counties & Novice

For most people this will be their last meet of the indoor track season. This is why I haven’t (yet) added events to this list, because I want to give you all the opportunity to choose what you want to do. I’ll consider everything, but no guarantees (I wont let you pole vault if you’ve never practiced). If you aren’t on this list it means you aren’t going for one reason or another. If you think I made a mistake (which I do every now and then) let me know and we can figure it out. Keep running or else you last meet won’t go the way you want it to! Remember we have practice scheduled everyday at 2pm this week, weather permitting.

Also we aren’t going to Varsity Classic on Monday, unfortunately.